Infographic: Top 8 Hunter Guilds in Solo Leveling

By   2024-02-22

an infographic listing the top 8 guilds in Solo Leveling anime and manhua.


Solo Leveling is a Korean manhua that gained immense popularity among manga and manhua fans alike. The manhua features a rich world of fantasy, RPG-like setting where gates to a mysterious world began appearing in random places around the world. These gates lead to alternate dimensions and dungeons filled with fantastical and strong monsters that would do harm to people if let loose. For this reason, various factions began appearing around the world called Guilds. These guilds employ strong hunters that enter these gates and eliminate monsters to both stop them from rampaging and to collect various precious items and artifacts that the hunters can exchange for money or stronger weapons. In this list, we are going to rank the top guilds in Solo Leveling, from the weakest to the strongest.

8 - Knight Guild

The Knight Guild, one of Korea's top five, debuted in chapter 91 of the webtoon alongside the Ahjin Guild. Noted for recruiting many A-Rank hunters, its leader, Park Jong-soo, displayed incredible strength by deflecting attacks effortlessly, and can summon an unbreakable shield for defense. Key members include vice-guild master Jung Yoontae and A-Rank healer Jung Yerim. The guild's duties extend to defending the Yeongnam Region and its gates in South Korea.

7 - Fiend Guild

The Fiend Guild, once South Korea's top-ranked, split after some members formed their own. It debuted in chapter 76 of the webtoon during a clash with other guild leaders. Lim Tae-Gyu, the guild master and a top ten S-Rank hunter, is notable. Renowned as Korea's premier archer-type hunter, Lim fights proficiently even without his bow. Lee Minsung, an A-Rank hunter, is another prominent member. The Fiend Guild was acknowledged for its Jeju Island raid involvement. Based in the Seoul Metropolitan Area, its territory is shared with the Hunter's Guild and White Tiger.

6 - White Tiger Guild

Formerly a part of the Fiend Guild, the White Tiger Guild emerged under S-Rank hunter Baek Yoon-Ho, becoming one of South Korea's strongest. Surpassing its predecessor, it made its debut in chapter 35 of the webtoon. Baek Yoonho, the guild master and a top ten S-Rank hunter, is renowned for his immense physical strength, superhuman speed, and ability to transform into a white tiger-like creature, enhancing his abilities. Raid Leader Kim Chul and Park Heejin are other notable members of the guild.

5 - Fame Guild

The Fame Guild ranks among South Korea's top five, overseeing and safeguarding the Honam Region alongside the Knight Guild. Ma Dong-Wook, the guild master and one of South Korea's ten S-Rank hunters, is a standout member known for his ability to double his physical size, granting him immense strength and abilities. His exceptional endurance was evident during battles, such as when he successfully blocked the Ant Queen while exterminating top-grade monsters on Jeju Island.

4 - Hunters Guild

The Hunters Guild stands as one of Korea's strongest guilds. Notable member S-Rank hunter Cha Hae-in, Vice Guild leader and ally of the main protagonist, ranks as Korea's third strongest Hunter due to her exceptional strength, speed, and durability. She is also a skilled swordsman with a unique attack pattern enhancing her assault speed and agility.

Choi Jong-In, known as The Ultimate Soldier and the guild master of the Hunters' Guild, is an S-Rank hunter specializing in fire magic, wielding flame spears, summoning flaming Dragons, and casting flame jail.

3 - Draw Sword Guild

The Draw Sword Guild, Japan's strongest and Asia's second-largest, boasts eleven S-Rank hunters, making them a formidable power. Goto Ryuji, an S-Rank fighter and the guild leader, is acclaimed as Japan's greatest hunter, renowned for his superhuman strength and unmatched swordsmanship. Other notable members include Reiji Sugimoto, Akari Shimizu, Atsushi Kumamoto, Ippei Izawa, Kanae Tawata, Kei, Kenzo Tanaka, Mari Ishida, Minoru Hoshino, Tatsumi Fujishima, and Hanekawa, all recognized as formidable adversaries.

2 - Scavenger Guild

The Scavenger Guild, the largest in the United States, houses numerous S-Rank hunters. Thomas Andre, guild master, holds the title of the planet's strongest tank and ranks first among the five National Level Hunters. His abilities include superhuman strength, earth collapse, psychokinesis, superhuman speed, and the creation of black holes.

Hwang DongSoo, once South Korea's top S-Rank hunter, is now a notable member after joining the Scavenger Guild. Norma Selner has bolstered his abilities, elevating him to one of the most formidable hunters within the guild.

1 - Ahjin Guild

The Ahjin Guild, Korea's strongest, was founded by the main protagonist in chapter 121 of the webtoon. Sung Jinwoo, both guild master and main protagonist, is an S-Rank hunter with unparalleled abilities, effectively making him a one-man powerhouse.

Jin-woo possesses a myriad of abilities including super strength, durability, armor creation, immunity to debuffs, detoxification, tenacity, longevity, stealth, bloodlust, immense speed, Ruler's authority, dragon's fear, shadow extraction, preservation, exchange, and monarch's domain. With this extensive skill set, he stands as the world's most formidable hunter. Key members also include Yoo Jinho and Yoo Soohyun.