One Piece Manga: 6 things to expect in 2024

By   2023-12-30

Alright, buckle up, One Piece fans! 2024 is shaping up to be a wild ride in the world of our favorite manga. Let's dive into some juicy predictions for what's in store.

First off, get ready for the epic conclusion of the Egghead arc. Fans are crossing their fingers for a solid ending this time around. The main baddie, St. Jaygarcia Saturn, is on a mission to make sure Vegapunk never sees another sunrise. Things are heating up on Egghead Island, and with Saturn throwing his weight around, it's anyone's guess who will make it out alive. Keep an eye out for unexpected allies swooping in to help the Straw Hats – it might just tip the scales.

Next up, the return of the infamous Donquixote Doflamingo! Remember that troublemaker from the Dressrosa arc? Well, word on the street is he might be making a comeback. Whether he's freed by the Cross Guild or the Blackbeard Pirates, Doflamingo's bound to stir up some chaos. And who wouldn't want to know what kind of knowledge a former Celestial Dragon like him is packing?

Now, as the Egghead arc wraps up in 2024, our beloved Straw Hats are setting sail for a new adventure – and rumor has it they might be headed to Elbaf, the land of giants. This uncharted territory could hold the key to some of One Piece's biggest mysteries. Keep an eye out for a potentially emotional reunion between Nico Robin and the supposedly-dead giant, Saul. And with Shanks guarding the place, you know things are going to get interesting.

Speaking of Shanks, could this be the year Luffy finally meets his idol? The crew's journey to Elbaf might just make this long-awaited dream a reality. Brace yourselves for an emotional rollercoaster as the pasts of these two characters collide. And hey, there's even a chance they might throw down – after all, both are gunning for the One Piece.

Now, let's talk about the enigmatic Rocks D. Xebec, captain of the Rocks Pirates. Little is known about this powerhouse, but 2024 might be the year we finally get the lowdown on his origins, powers, and what he actually looked like. Oda's been keeping us in the dark, but the wait might be over soon.

Last but not least, expect some familiar faces to make a comeback. Gecko Moria's whereabouts are a mystery, but he might just resurface. Eustass Kid, who got a serious reality check from Shanks and the giants of Elbaf, could have his fate revealed. And let's not forget Trafalgar Law – last seen taking a beating from Blackbeard. Will his story get some closure in 2024? Only time will tell!