Solo Leveling - Ranks, Classes, and Guilds of the Main Characters

By   2024-01-08

After years of fans eagerly awaiting an anime adaptation, Solo Leveling has finally been officially released on January 7th. It has quickly rose to the top of the charts as one of the hottest new releases of 2024 alongsite One Piece's new Arc.

Solo Leveling is a popular Korean webtoon written by Chugong that has gained a massive global following, amassing over 4.5 billion views worldwide. The webtoon tells the story of Sung Jin-Woo, a low-rank hunter who gains incredible power after surviving a high-risk dungeon.

Here's a breakdown summarizing the ranks, classes, and guilds of the main characters in Solo Leveling:

Ranks, Classes, and Guilds of the main characters in the anime Solo Leveling:


Character Class Rank Guild
Sung Jinwoo Mage S-Rank Ahjin Guild
Cha-Hae In Fighter S-Rank Hunter's Guild
Baek Yoonho Fighter S-Rank Fiend Guild
Yoo Jinhoo Tanker D-Rank Ahjin Guild
Choi Jong-in Mage S-Rank Hunter's Guild
Go-Gunhee Ruler S-Rank Korean Hunter's Association
Wuu Jinchu Fighter A-Rank Korean Hunter's Association